The slog of the blog

I enjoy writing my blog, although sometimes I ask myself if I get enough readers to bother. But whenever I ask myself that I then remind myself that actually the reason I write this is because I enjoy writing and feel that often I have something relevant to say. But the world of blogging is a common one and many other people are also writing about the same things I am. So how do I know if people are reading my blogs?

On immediate inspection of my WordPress site I receive a regular stream of comments on my blogs. However, taking this at face value is a mistake because on closer inspection these are mainly spam. Even though the comments seem to be complimentary, albeit often badly written, the names are a giveaway; “Great double glazing”, “SEO optimisation software” and even “meet girls online” are just three of the amusingly shallow ways people are trying to get click throughs to their own sites or raise awareness of their ‘product’. It goes without saying that these comments don’t make it on to the live blog site.

Although I am surprisingly slack on the SEO front considering my day job, I do tend to post my blogs on to my Twitter profile and hence my Facebook profile as well. This tends to offer a slightly better insight into if anyone is reading my rants. Often they will be shared or liked and that, at least, gives me some idea as to whether people are at least aware of my blog. The stats within WordPress also show that people are reading my blog as well which is encouraging. But getting the word out there is often tricky.

As I enjoy writing I will continue to blog and as I work in digital that is one of the subjects I write about. At some point I should probably take promotion of my blog more seriously but it can become almost a full time job. Promoting via social media is a good start, especially if influential people re-tweet, but the one thing I have found that seems to make the biggest difference is writing about relevant subjects. So I will continue in that vane and hopefully you will all continue reading. Thanks for your attention so far!


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